Spring has SPRUNG!

The children in Nursery have enjoyed learning all about Spring! We went on a spring hunt with clipboards to look for signs of spring, together we found: buds, blossom, daffodils, green leaves, bees, minibeasts, and sunshine! We went on a minibeast hunt around the garden using tubs, paintbrushes, magnifying glasses, and special equipment to look for them.

The children enjoyed discussing ‘new life’. We learned what animals we see in spring and what their babies are called, for example – lambs, sheep, pigs, piglets, goats, kids, butterflies, and caterpillars.

In the classroom, we have painted our own daffodils and spring pictures. For our Mother’s Day cards, the children created a beautiful blossom tree picture using cotton buds and their fingers.
We have also looked at the lifecycle of a frog, we made our very own frogspawn for our water tray.

The children have learned about festivals that are celebrated in Spring. The children have looked at Holi. We created our own colour art in the classroom and outside, the children enjoyed looking at new colours being made.



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