Sensational Shapes

This week, Year Two have been learning about 2D shapes. The children learned that 2D means two-dimensional so these shapes are flat. When labelling the shapes, the children found out that some shapes can have more than one name. For example, squares and rectangles can also be called quadrilaterals because they have four sides. Some of the shape names were really tricky to remember, but the children learned some tricks to help them. For example, when trying to remember the name of an eight-sided shape, the children thought of an OCTopus as it has eight legs.

The boys and girls have also learned how to identify the number of sides and vertices (corners) a 2D shape has. They learned that some shapes have straight sides, like pentagons, and others have curved sides, like circles.

The children then used their knowledge of 2D shapes to sort them on a Carroll diagram. They had to read the headings carefully to make sure they sorted the shapes correctly.

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