Orienteering the Forest School Way

A wonderful week of sport was also celebrated in our Forest School with an orienteering challenge. Map reading is such a useful skill to learn and all ages could take part in this simple navigation activity . The children were provided with a site map marked with location symbols and a set of instructions:

Orienteering Team Challenge

Each team will need: 1 Map, paper, pencils, clipboard       


Before you begin: Look at your map to get an idea where the blue star symbols are located around the field and yard.

  1. Using your map to guide you, go to the area of the field where each star symbol is indicated on the map (you can choose the order).
  2. Once you’ve reached your destination, have a look around for a small wooden block. It may be hidden, remember look up, down, under and over.
  3. Read the word and note it down on your scrap paper.   Put the block back exactly as you found it.
  4. Move onto the next star and repeat until you have collected the right amount of words (your teacher will tell you how many you need).
  5. When you have found all the words, work with your team to create a story or poem making sure you include all the words that you have found.


Stay together as a team, if you don’t you will get a time penalty of 5 minutes

Do not move or hide the word blocks, instant disqualification if you do!

Don’t tell other teams what the words are or where the blocks are hidden

The children were really excited to take part and this activity certainly gave them plenty of exercise. Understanding the importance of staying with your team, in a survival situation you don’t want to lose sight of the person with the map! A fantastic week of fun the Forest School Way.

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