Year 2 and the gender debate.

Last week Year 2 took on the big physical challenge of the obstacle course, the aim not just to have fun and get fit, but to see if girls and boys approached the activity differently. The outcome being that the size of the child appeared to be the only ‘hurdle’.

This week a change of pace with a whittling task. Would they observe a more obvious difference, in respect to gender when, executing close detailed work,? Would the interest and enthusiasm split the class?

It appears that the children have brought an end to the debate, certainly for children of their age. They demonstrated no inhibitions, were all equally interested in learning about knife work and adding decoration and detail. Back in class they discussed their observations. They were sure, other than size as we grow into adults and the fact that women can give birth, we all just brilliant human beings. With children like this the future looks bright.

Article 28 – We all have the right to live and succeed at whatever we do.

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