Lent Assembly

As the chocolate eggs in shops will be an indication of, we are now in the run-up to Easter.  Today, Reverend Mark came into school to talk to the children about the religious lead up to this special time of year for Christians.

Through Reverend Mark’s assembly, the children learned about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday as well as how this was a time in which people give up something which might normally be part of their lives.

The children found it interesting that the ‘fasting’ can be started with Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and ended with lots of chocolate Easter Eggs on Easter weekend.  That’s definitely a way of making a sacrifice a little easier to handle!

Although the children are not likely to give something up over Lent, the idea of working at something for a specified period of time, which will be difficult but ultimately beneficial, is an important idea which can applied in school and at home.

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