RSPB Big School Birdwatch

This week has seen the start of our RSPB Big School Birdwatch which has been carried out across four year groups.

We have spent time over the last few weeks learning how to be quiet, patient and observant, using all our senses, through Hide and Seek games. We looked at aerial view maps of our site before we went out and tried to predict which types of birds we might see in particular locations. After watching a short film about good bird watching habits we wrapped up and headed out. We had absolutely beautiful weather for most of the week, clear blue skies and no wind. The children used their Christmas tree shelters as hides and sat on tires to keep them off the cold ground.

The most common birds were Jackdaws, Common gulls and Woodpigeons. We have seen a drop off in smaller hedgerow birds this year, particularly along the North edge of the site. We think it is likely that this is due to the hedgerow being cut back quite fiercely this year. As the hedging replenishes in the Spring we should see a return to our small bird population quite quickly.

For Year 2 this activity linked  well to their current work in Maths, they have been learning about collecting data by using a tally and then converting that into a pictogram or bar chart. They could then put this knowledge into practice during the bird watch.

Once the data was collected we came back into class and could input the numbers directly into the RSPB website. The website has a facility that converts the data into a chart of your choice. We will continue this activity next week and remember the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is still running so if you would like to take part go onto the RSPB website for resources and information.


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