Changes to the Start of the School Day – Spring Term

Every child has a right to an education … Discipline in schools must respect children’s dignity and their rights.  (The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – Article 28)

From January, we will be changing the way in which children come into school at the start of the day.  These changes will be for Reception through to Year 6.  The information below explains what the new system will be.

We aim to:

  • Have a calm start to the day through a staggered entry
  • Reduce the number of people who are on the yard at the same time (400 children plus their adults)
  • Make it easier for children who find such large crowds difficult
  • Provide parents/carers with a little more flexibility around arrival times
  • Prevent children being unsupervised on the school grounds for extended periods of time
  • Reduce the amount of time children and parents/carers stand on the yard waiting to enter, particularly during the wet/cold weather

The process will be that:

  • School gates providing access to the yards will open from 8.35am
  • School doors will open from 8.45am and will close at 9.00am
  • There will be no lining-up as, over the 15 minute period, children will be able to enter the building through the appropriate access door in a staggered manner as they arrive on site
  • Children must be in school for 9.00am or they will be registered as late

In relation to communication/seeing a member of staff:

  • For Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, the current process applies with parents/carers being able to see a member of staff on the door in order to communicate messages
  • For Years 3-6, there will be a member of staff from the appropriate phase (Year 3/4 and Year 5/6) at the door who will take messages

We would encourage parents/carers to bring their children onto site no earlier that 8.40am.  This is particularly the case for older children being sent to school by themselves.  Children should not be on site until after the gates are opened.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter and we would appreciate your understanding if there are some initial teething issues.


08.35                 Gates Open

08.45                 Doors Open – Children can start to come into school

09.00                 Doors Close – After this, children would have to be brought to the main office and will be marked late

Changes to the Start of the School Day

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