How Do You Measure a Tree?

Our Year 4s are really getting involved with this terms tree topic. We are learning about the importance of surveying and managing trees on our site. Management of them allows us to gain the many benefits, whilst still having confidence in the safety and integrity of the trees. 

This week they began by building their human tree independently. They had to elect a leader who would organise and direct proceedings. The leader read out instructions as the children got into position. They carried this out quickly and effectively and could explain the function of each aspect of the tree.

They were then given a selection of tree measuring methods and a variety of equipment, working with partners they were set off to see what they could find out. Two methods stood out as the most popular: Estimation: Compare the height of the tree to a known object. If your partner is 1.5m tall, and using your finger and thumb to see how many “partners” it takes to get to the top of the tree, times that by 1.5m and you get a rough idea at the height of the tree.
Secondly the “Look through your legs” method: Stand with your back to the tree, about as far as you estimate the tree height is from the tree if it fell. Look backwards, through your legs. You are trying to just see the top of the tree. You need to move towards or away from the tree until you are just able to see the tree top. Then measure from you, back to the centre of the tree base, this gives you the trees approximate height.

They really enjoyed this activity and most continued with it into the free-play part of their Forest School session, trying to find the tallest and smallest trees on site.

The Holistic Learning Principle: Forest School aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

Article 2: No one should be treated unfairly for any reason.

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