Comic Relief at Harlow Green

Today, we raised money for Comic Relief.  All of the children came to school dressed in their own clothes with a Comic Relief theme.  During the day, the children found out about how the money raised will people in need.  Later, the boys and girls enjoyed telling jokes to their classmates and voting for their favourites.  There was even a teacher joke competition.

In the afternoon, our Rights Respect officers listened to the winning joke from each class.  The overall winner in each phase received a joke book prize.

The winning teacher joke was:

Why was Eeyore in the toilet?  He was looking for Pooh!

Parents and carers enjoyed meeting in the hall for coffee and red nose biscuits.  After school, we were overwhelmed by the number of families that attended our biscuit sale.  These were made by the children throughout the afternoon and they were so delicious that they completely sold out.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this great cause.

Article 19:  We all have the right to be protected and kept safe.  

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