Lost and Found

This week in reception we have been exploring the South Pole.

We began by reading ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers that tells the story of a little boy who finds a lost penguin and must travel across the treacherous ocean to find his home in the South Pole. We discussed what the weather is like in the South Pole and how it is very different to the weather in the UK. After, we looked at some animals that inhabit the South Pole, such as Polar bears, Penguins and Seals.

Later in the week, we conducted an experiment by freezing a penguin in a bowl of water. We talked about how the water changes from a liquid into a solid and watched with anticipation as the frozen ice melted.

The children also took part in a range of activities related to the story. They painted penguins, cut out snowflakes as well as had a go at building their own boat and pretended to sail away on an adventure to the South Pole.

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