Tree Surgery Visits

Great excitement in our Forest School this week as Oliver’s tree surgeons came in to carry out some routine work. The children were very curious to know who these “orange men” were, so in class Miss Rowe explained why woodland needs active management to ensure that the trees are healthy and safe. We chatted about what a tree surgeon might do and why trees are so important. Miss Rowe asked the team if they would speak with the children to answer any of their questions. Outside the children were very keen to show off their tree knowledge. The team explained how they keep themselves safe when operating machinery and when working up high. It is unusual for the tree services guys to come in during school terms but they explained why timing is so important, not just to keep the trees safe but also to protect the birds. Birds are about to start nesting so in was vital to get the work done before that began so the nesting birds could be given peace to raise their young.

They also learned that every tree has two names, one common name, for example willow, but then they also have another name in Latin which is known universally “salix” for willow. The children asked lots of questions, they were surprised how much training was involved in becoming a tree surgeon but were told if they worked hard it was a good job to have “I can’t believe you can get paid to climb trees!” shouted one little girl. Then they thanked the team and showed off their tree climbing muscles for a photo.

A huge thankyou the Oliver’s team, from the staff and children at Harlow Green. Oliver’s staff are always friendly and professional and we are really grateful that they took time after work to inspire children.

Principle 2: Forest School takes place in a woodland or natural wooded environment to support the development of a relationship between the learner and the natural world.

Article 17 – We all have the right to be given safe and honest information which is not harmful and that we can understand.

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