Friends and Music

Our musical journey continued with Tobias, from Equal Arts. The children practiced playing percussion instruments and learning about pitch and tempo. They composed music using pictures to represent specific sounds.

This week also saw the return of Kath to our Friday sessions. When the children came back to Angel Court after Christmas they were saddened that Kath had been poorly and in recovery had decided that she didn’t want to leave her room. Miss Rowe spoke with Kath and explained how much it means to the children when she comes to our sessions. She always brings a sense of joy and excitement and she was surprised to hear how much she is missed. She promised to make the effort to come this week.

Right from the outset she brought her usual energy, music brings her such pleasure and she even brought instruments of her own to try. We had a lovely afternoon making music with our friends.

Article 23 – We all have the right to special care and support if we are disabled and be able to lead a full and independent life.

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