Christmas tree flash challenge

A quick challenge encourages the children to act more intuitively. No time to over think it.

Using anything you find, transform a Christmas tree into a native British animal. Some weird and wonderful beasts appeared. The children soon realised the key to this is putting in the main characteristics of the chosen animal. Its Forest School short hand, no time for detail, just get the main features in. Then could anyone guess the animal.

Once they’d completed the flash challenge they went off to explore the Forest School. An important job is adding compost and leaf mulch we’ve made to the raised beds and turning over the existing composter. Others decided to take the rope lines onto the next level by trying to fashion “arm stilts”. These were then used to balance whilst using the bottom rope as a tightrope. Great fun but quite a challenge.

It was lovely to hear the children then reflect on their afternoon, this is where we find out how the children measure their own success and helps to inspire future sessions.

Principle 4: Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

Article 6 – We all have the right to succeed in whatever we do.

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