Diwali, The Festival of Light

Together in Nursery, we have had a fun-filled busy week. We have been exploring the Indian Culture and the Festival of Diwali. On Monday we looked into the country of India, what animals are there, and discussed the patterns and noises that they make. The children liked dressing up in Indian clothing such as sahries and beads, we even took part in Bollywood dancing.

The rest of the week, we celebrated Diwali (the festival of light). We talked about what it was and why people celebrated it. The children have enjoyed making their own Diya Lamps and Rangoli patters over the week. We have had lots of discussions about the patterns and colours we could see and make.

To further our understanding of the Indian culture, the Nursery children had an Indian food tasting session. The children tried poppadums, naan bread, pakoras, samosas, onion bhajis, and mango chutney! They were very brave in trying the cuisine and talking about what they could taste and smell (luckily nothing was too spicy!)

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