This week we continued with the boat building theme, linked to The Vikings. The children were taught how to make a timber hitch, used to move wood and to create a starting point for securing other more complex hitches. Knot work can be very challenging, so using big ropes on large logs helps the children to understand the steps needed to create a good hitch. Once they have mastered it they can then apply that knowledge on more intricate work.

More confident children then helped to teach those who were finding it challenging. Once they had mastered the basics we introduced a competitive element. Children worked in teams to get their hitches on, then used them to race their log to the finish. They quickly learned the value of team work. During the first race everyone tried to do their own hitch and things started to unravel pretty quickly. They then worked out it was better to work in pairs on each hitch, that made them much more secure and made for a more competitive challenge. Fantastic problem solving skills demonstrated under time pressure.

As with all Forest School sessions there is an element of choice so many children dipped in and out of the knot work to try their hand at kite flying and the mud kitchen was very busy with some delicious muddy treats in our Kindness Cafe.

Principle 4: Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

Article 3 – Everyone who works with children should always do what is best for the child.

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