Jungle Journey Fine Motor Skills Activities

Over the last term, the Reception children have been on an exciting adventure through the jungle!  The Jungle Journey programme  aims to develop early fine and gross motor skills.  Some of the fine motor skill development activities they have completed include:

  • Tearing paper clothes to add to their suitcases.
  • Using stencils to draw the transport that they may travel to the jungle in.
  • Drawing self portraits and writing our names for our passports.
  • Finding the way into the jungle by following maze patterns with a pencil.
  • Folding paper to make snakes.
  • using pegs to add manes to lions.
  • Completing dot to dot pictures and finger painting favourite animals.
  • Tearing paper, scrunching into coconut balls, then throwing them to the monkeys.
  • Cutting bananas with knives and forks.

These activities, plus the finger rhymes, action songs and hand and arm strengthening exercises, have been designed to practise skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, pencil control and finger dexterity as well as auditory and visual sequencing and motor planning.  Not to mention the fun that we have had taking part in this wonderful adventure!  Take a look at the photos to see for yourself.

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