Glazing day at Angel Court

The children spent an amazing afternoon working on their sgraffito tiles with the residents of Angel Court. Learning about the different glazes and how to apply them is really interesting and we are eagerly awaiting the results once the tiles have had their final firing. The theme of nature has inspired everybody. There is a real variety of design, from very abstract to careful, detailed observations. Everyone chats constantly, comparing ideas, getting tips and helping each other out.

The relationships are really blossoming, Joyce said today how much it means to her and all of the residents, that the children share their time and are so patient with them. They look forward to every Friday afternoon as they know the children bring so much energy and joy.  The children’s smiles encapsulate how they feel about it, learning how much just a little of their time can transform the lives of others.

Article 27 – We all have the right to a good standard of living.


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