Year 2 take on a gender challenge.

Over the last few weeks children in Year 2 have been discussing similarities and differences between boys and girls. It has been interesting to hear their thoughts on whether gender affects ability and how that may change as we grow older. Across the Year group it was heart warming to hear the opinion that everybody can and should be given the same opportunities. More often it is practice and commitment that ensures success not whether you are a boy or a girl.

This week we put this to the test on an obstacle course. After making some predictions in class we headed outside to test our theories. Year 6 had prepared a challenging course which the children were walked through first. 3 boys and 3 girls were chosen as observers and given clip boards to record what they saw.

Article: We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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What a lovely experience. They seem to be enjoying the fine weather.

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