Angel Court: Finishing off and making new friends.

Work continues at Angel Court, our boxes are now varnished so they can go outside and the wooden toys have been given a few coats of linseed oil to protect them. The children and residents have worked really hard, so we have a full set of boxes for school and a set for the residents. Some of the toys have been given to our school nursery and some have been given to the residents grand children.

Today we’ve been working on our wooden hens. We sanded and clamped them a few weeks ago, now the glue has set so we gave them their first coat of paint. Some became quite psychedelic others were painted to match our hens back at school.

We’ve also had some students from Northumbria working with us, they are learning how to run inter-generational projects like ours,  it’s been lovely to have such a range of experience, always lovely to make new friends.



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