Deconstructed Role Play or The Christmas Tree Challenge.

Over the next three weeks the children will be scavenging for resources, then creating role play stories. In this first session the only rule is that they must include one Christmas Tree, but that it cannot be used as a Christmas Tree. They could choose their own theme, characters and story line. Imaginations ran wild, from pirates to stand up comedy, space adventures to woodland cafes. As the weeks progress we will take some ideas and expand on them, perhaps setting whole class themes. When does a Christmas tree stop being just a tree and turn into a giant mouse, a speedboat we have even had a giant working sledge.

This activity gives the children the freedom to experiment, encourages inspiration from everyday objects and helps them to express themselves freely. We hope to help them to see the world around them from a different perspective and they of course brought a sense of joy and laughter to the proceedings.

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