2 d shapes and symmetry take to the field

Year 2 have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes and lines of symmetry. In their Forest School session we began with an ice-breaker, the children put themselves in pairs, spiders behind one line and ladybirds facing them behind another. The ladybirds began moving slowly and the spiders had to mirror their movements.

Then the children were divided into groups, each group was given a rope, they were tasked with creating simple 2D shapes. Not such an easy task to organise yourselves into a square, creating right angles and straight sides, when there are perhaps 8 or 9 of you talking and moving at once. It requires clear concise communication. Once they mastered the square they moved onto triangles.

We then came back together lady birds on one side of the line, spiders on the other. The spiders formed a semi-circle and the ladybirds had to mirror them until they felt it was equal on both sides.

Lots of fun on a very windy day.

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