Welcome to the Stone Age.

Year 3 are beginning to learn about the Stone Age as their class topic and we will be linking this theme into our Forest School sessions.

After reading The Stone Age boy in class we enjoyed some lively discussion about life back then.

Outside the children were given charcoal, made in the fire, to draw with and taught how to make new charcoal. The fire was then lit and we discussed the sounds that it made, the smells and colours they could see and how these change over time.  This vocabulary will be used in a piece of descriptive writing later in the week.

Some children were taught how to use a flint and steel to make a spark and we talked about how fire lighting would have happened in stone age times. Then everyone was given the opportunity to try some pears cooked over the embers.

Meanwhile some ‘hunters’ tried out spear throwing, using christmas trees as ‘reindeer’ targets.

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