Hall Hill Farm Visit

Today was an exciting day for our Reception class as we ventured out to Hall Hill Farm!

The day started with a bumpy tractor ride that had everyone laughing and holding on tight. Our first stop was to feed the llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, and the impressive Highland cows. The children loved getting up close and personal with these friendly animals.  We even met some unique characters like Henry the grumpy turkey, who gave us quite a show, and Percy the prize peacock, who proudly displayed his beautiful feathers. It was fascinating to learn about how all the animals are taken care of on the farm. A special highlight was meeting Delilah and her adorable piglets, who were just born this morning! The children were thrilled to see the tiny piglets up close.  After a delicious lunch in the playbarn, it was time for more fun at the adventure playground. The swings, slides, and climbing frames were a big hit!  In the afternoon, we had the wonderful experience of holding rabbits, guinea pigs, and baby chicks. The children also enjoyed feeding the lambs with a bottle, which was a delightful and memorable activity. We were lucky to miss the rain, and by the time we were on the bus back to school, many of the little ones were fast asleep, tired out from their fantastic farm adventure. What a wonderful day filled with learning, laughter, and lots of animal fun!

Article 18: We have the right to a good quality education.

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