Growing Frogs

The children in Reception have been getting to know the life cycle of a frog this week.

We began the week by reading ‘Growing Frogs’ by Vivian French which details the life cycle of a frog. The children learnt that the life cycle begins with frogspawn, which slowly changes into a tadpole. The Tadpole then begins to grow legs, turning into a froglet and finally into a frog. They were then able to explain the process of the life cycle and discuss different facts they heard throughout the book. In literacy, we took these facts and were able to describe them using our own words. The children came up with some fantastic complex sentences such as ‘Frogs swim out of the egg’ as well as ‘Frogs live on land and in the water’.

The children then got creative in the painting area by exploring colour mixing with powder paints. The children enjoyed mixing different amounts of blue and yellow powder to create many shades of green. We then used the green paint to create frog faces, adding eyes and a red tongue.

Moving outside, the children investigated the pond areas in school, trying to detect any signs of frog life. We have also continued to brighten up our garden by planting our sunflowers into pots as well as our broad beans that were very much ready to be planted.

The children have had a brilliant term and are looking forward to the delightful things we are going to be getting up to next.


Article 28- We all have the right to a good quality education.


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