Hills galore at Wharton Park, Durham!

Year 4 have been studying mountains this term, and to finish off our Geography topic we took a trip to the hilliest park we could find (Wharton Park – Durham – our version of a mini-mountain).

Whilst there, we took part in some orienteering and compass work all around the park, run by Durham County Council Park Rangers, and during the day we also did some art based on perspectives, some photography looking at the way humans have changed the hillside to adapt it for human use, and also a quiz.  The day was a bit wet and chilly but we had chance to use the indoor classroom for lunch and finally a dry spell we got onto the park equipment and enjoyed some climbing and games of basketball or football.


The children had a great time walking up and down hundreds of steps, many slopes, and loved the amazing view over the city that you get from the top.  We could see clearly the advantages of living and working around hills – but also how tiring they can be!

We also got very excited every time a train came and left the station, travelling over the viaduct to access the train station right up on the top of the hillside we were on!

Article 28:  We have the right to a good quality education.



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