Bauble Project 2023!

We continue our annual tradition with our baubles and these will be the third one the children should have collected.

Each year group has a different design and a different Art or DT skill in the painting used on them – from finger prints, stippling, blending, shading and drawing.

We hope that you continue to collect these and have them up at home.  This year you’ll find our logo has been made into a festive sticker, attached to each bauble.

The baubles are made by a team of volunteers at the fantastic mental health charity The St Margaret’s Centre ( in Durham in their workshops called The Cutting Edge.  They have a fantastic range of things they can make for all sorts of events across the year – from models to stencils, signs and decorations.

Click on the image for more information about The Cutting Edge.

Article 29: We have the right to develop our talents, personalities and abilities.

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