The Ancient Egyptians!

Over the past two weeks, the children have been exploring the Ancient Egyptians and learning about some of the advances they made.

First, we started with an introduction to the Ancient Egyptians and the children became archaeologists and studied different artefacts and images to piece together who the Ancient Egyptians were. The children then learnt that hieroglyphs were a way that the Ancient Egyptians communicated beliefs, gods and stories. They thoroughly enjoyed designing a cartouche of their name using hieroglyphs.

The children were fascinated as we explored mummification. When they found out how the brain was extracted, they were amazed! The children ordered the process of mummification and were able to retell in detail. They learned about Tutankhamun and found out who first discovered Tutankhamun’s remains. We then wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter using what we had learnt about the discovery of the tomb.

Some of the children in Year 3 have also taken part in an Art club, where they have created art work linked to Ancient Egyptians. Have a look at those amazing Egyptian collars!

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