Happy Birthday Angel!

This week has seen the Angel of the North celebrate its 25th birthday. As the closest school, we were eager to play a part in the festivities and applied to Gateshead Library and Arts Services to see if there were any projects that we could be involved in.

The children in Year 3 have been lucky enough to work alongside an author in three separate sessions to focus upon some creative writing inspired by the things they might hear, see and sense around the Angel.

A group of children, including the Rights Respect Officers and Year 6 leaders, then attended the official celebrations, where the children shared some birthday cake and wrote a postcard to the Angel itself.

Finally, the whole school has joined in the celebrations this week. Every child has produced a picture of the Angel, which created the large Angel in the hall, and they have all written poems creatively about what the Angel of the North means to them.

Below are links to the news channels who reported the event where children from Harlow Green spoke or were photographed.





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