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We are delighted to announce, Harlow Green Primary School are supporting Road Safety GB NE in their regional campaign urging fans to give drink and drug driving the boot during the World Cup.

Hao Xuan Guo, Tiayana-Mai Wylie, Holly McKenry, Louie Wood, Joseph Topping and Ava Sweeney all took part in a photo shoot at the Angel of the North alongside Road Safety GB North East and the emergency services to encourage people to enjoy the football, but to say no to getting behind the wheel after drink or drugs.

With the World Cup set to get underway in Qatar on Sunday (20 Nov), the road safety group, along with police and fire officers, have joined together to urge people to plan their transport home if they are planning to drink while watching the matches, and to do their bit to stop other people driving impaired.

Mr Malik said: “Although we all want people to enjoy themselves over the coming World Cup and festive period, it is important for our community to do so safely. Unfortunately, we know the devastation that can happen when people mix drinking and driving, which is always a huge concern. Having our children understand from an early age that these two things don’t mix is important and hopefully they can be part of an essential message that will save lives.”

Click the link to read the full press release PR01-KR-World Cup 2022 North

Thank you to all children who took part in such an important campaign.


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