Angel Court come to the Jubilee Street Party

What an amazing day of celebrations at our Jubilee Street Party. Angel Court residents came to join in the fun. Maisie said “She’d never thought she’d be so happy and excited to come back to school.” Two minutes later, with much laughter, she spotted she was still wearing her slippers. It didn’t stop her from having a dance to Neil Diamond though. But who can resist Sweet Caroline. The children were so proud to share their school with their friends and especially take Tom and Betty to see our hens. Tom has been keeping hens since he was a boy so it was great to get his seal of approval for our henhouse. Barbara said, “What a party, we’re so lucky!” and indeed we are. They all had their picture taken with the Queen, Kath won a coconut on tin can alley and as you can see it was smiles all around.

Article 23 – We all have the right to special care and support if we are disabled and be able to lead a full and independent life.

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Absolutely brilliant

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