Forest School Safety

Encouraging the children to experiment and challenge themselves in our Forest School helps to foster a sense of achievement. Learning how they can manage any potential risks themselves and so enjoy activities safely, gives them independence. Keeping a look out for possible dangers, particularly in changing weather conditions, preparing areas where you might want to play in are key features of Forest School sessions.

New rope lines were set up for the Reception children to challenge themselves on. A mixture of lines with a variety of difficulty gave progression to those who wanted it, but enabled those who were perhaps a little less sure the ability to succeed. Before they were allowed to start they had make the area free of debris, guidance was given about how many people could be on a line at a time and they discussed any potential dangers.

Back in class they spoke about what they had learned as the teacher recorded their ideas.

Principle 4: Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

Article 24 – We all have the right to a clean environment.

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