Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night in Nursery

Together in Nursery we have had a fun filled busy week. The children have enjoyed engaging in the theme of ‘Bonfire Night’. We have learnt all about what Bonfire Night is and how we celebrate it. We have read lots of stories about Bonfire Night and looked at lots of photos and videos. We discussed what we would see, hear and smell. The children liked identifying all of the colours they could see in the fireworks and bonfire, as well as recreating the noises – BANG, BOP, FIZZ, WHIZZ, WHOOSH. The children created their own firework pictures with brought colours, glitter and splatter paint. We made our own bonfire in the Nursery garden which we have sang campfire songs around, and we even had the opportunity to go to our real campfire in Forest School, and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows.

In the classroom we now have a ‘Bonfire Night Café’, which we have enjoyed making our own hot chocolates and hot dogs to eat around our bonfire. We even created our own chocolate finger sparklers to eat. To develop our gross motor skills, Nursery have enjoyed dancing to firework videos with ribbons and scarves, making lots of patterns and shapes. Whilst learning about Bonfire Night, we have discussed the importance of staying safe around fire. The children have engaged well with the idea of being Fire Fighters and have liked dressing up in Firemen costumes. We have created a fire station in Nursery to develop this interest of ‘People Who Help Us’.

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