We’re going on a dinosaur hunt!

Our mission was to find the missing, deadly dinosaurs hidden in the school grounds. First the children all joined in with a dinosaur chant.

“We’re going on a dinosaur hunt, we’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day,  we’re not scared!”

Everyone searched high and low for the missing dinosaurs. The children ran through a rainstorm, squelched through thick, oozy mud and swam through a deep river. Some of the dinosaurs were hiding in trees, others were camouflaged in the long, tall grass. Eventually they all found a dinosaur and they compared the different features. The children discovered some dinosaurs have horns, spiky plates and long, swishy tails. Everyone had a lot of fun but we’re not going on a dinosaur hunt again.

Article 6 – We all have the right to succeed in whatever we do.

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