Year One Sports Week

This week has been sports week at Harlow Green and everybody has had so much fun.  The week started with our sports afternoon.  The children took part in a range of events such as sprinting, the egg and spoon race, skipping and the sack race.  Everyone was so encouraging.  Year One also took part in a Hoopstarz workshop.  They learnt to hula hoop and were introduced to new tricks.  Everyone was so good.  In the classroom we learnt about the country of Mexico.  We counted to ten in Spanish, made piñatas and looked at traditional Mexican clothes.  We had a mini Mexican fiesta and designed and made healthy fruit kebabs.  The week ended with a focus on the Olympics.  The children made the Olympic rings and wrote a booklet about what happens at the Olympics.  In the afternoon we had a torch parade.

What a fantastic week!

UNICEF Article 24: We all have the right to be healthy and happy


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