Healthy Eating

This week in Reception we have been exploring healthy eating and what it means to be healthy. The children talked about how we can be healthy by drinking water, eating less sugary foods and keeping our bodies healthy through exercise. We have read the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’ as our focused text this week. The children have enjoyed free writing their own story where they tried to rewrite it in their own words. During topic we read ‘Eat your peas’, a story about trying new foods. We spent the afternoon session making our own individual bowl of coleslaw. The children used peelers for peeling the carrots, scissors to cut cabbage and spring onions. We enjoyed taste testing the foods raw before adding them to our coleslaw mix. The children were fantastic at having a try and giving their own opinions of how it tasted. We also enjoyed making our own healthy and unhealthy packed lunches  on the tuff tray with our friends.

Article 12 – We have the right to say what we think

Article 24 – We have the right to healthy food

Article 28 – We have the right to a good quality education

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