Year 4 PE Fun!

This week, children and staff have had a fantastic time catching up with one another. Everyone has shown a great attitude and enjoyed getting back into the routine of the school day. Well done- we are very proud of you!

On Thursday, both classes loved their P.E. lessons of either hockey or tennis outside in the windy / hazy / showery sunshine.

In 4B the children have been learning how to hold their hockey stick safely and correctly. Next, the classes practised moving around slowly whilst dribbling a hockey ball. Following this, everyone began to work on their ball control skills moving around an area and dribbling the ball in a circle and in and out of cones/gates. As a final challenge, the children were asked to see how many gates they could move through in a given time. Even after just one lesson, it was clear to see that we have some budding hockey players in Year 4!

4A started tennis by playing various games of passing the ball with different challenges such as one arm behind the back, jumping, over arm, under arm, two handed and one handed.  Next week we will start with racquets and build up over the next few sessions.  Of course every lesson starts with a good opportunity to run and get our heart-rates up to ensure we are pushing our fitness throughout the term too.

Article 29- We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.



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