Dance, dance, dance!

In PE, Year Two are learning how to dance. Miss Bull’s class are learning a routine called #DanceReunite, and Miss Norman’s class are dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

The children learnt that when we dance to a piece of music, we count in beats of eight. They practised counting the beats by clapping their hands in time to each dance track. It was quite tricky to learn each of the individual moves, but it was even harder to put all of these moves together in time to the music. However, the children did a fantastic job and are already beginning to look like quite the performers.

Miss Norman’s class spent lots of time thinking about how they could move their bodies and create different shapes to appear as if they were coming back to life. The children gave some very convincing (and scary) performances.

This week, Year Two have also learned that exercise is not only important for their body but also for their mind. The children had lots of fun completing timed exercises in the classroom and feeling their heart beast faster and faster as they moved their bodies.

At playtime, the children have also had the opportunity to stay active with Mr McMann. They completed a mini-obstacle course which, despite the windy weather, was lots of fun!

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