Year 3 take on the Tipee challenge.

Whilst the Shaduf building continues and the children hone their ideas, this week we added in the tipee build challenge. Using only the christmas tree branches the children were tasked to build a free standing tipee shaped structure. To create a robust build with a good amount of space inside requires much experimentation. Choosing materials appropriately, using estimation and prediction skills, and demonstrating resilience when things go wrong are all part of the exercise.

The children threw themselves into the task with great gusto and this could be seen in the quality of their builds.  As they become more confidence in construction so we will give then access to a wider range of materials.

By giving children short achievable tasks we encourage them to be more self confident. By allowing the children the opportunity to develop ideas over time so they can increase their ability to problem solve and encourages a positive attitude.

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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