Invisible Assault Course.

This week has been cold and wet at Harlow Green so the children were set a task to keep themselves moving, but would also develop their communication skills.

The challenge was to set up an invisible assault course. First the children had to split themselves into teams. Each team-member had to devise their own invisible obstacle. Five obstacles per team, along the length of the pitch. They were not allowed to demonstrate, only use verbal description. Then an opposing team would try out the assault course.

It quickly became clear that concise communication was vital to keep the momentum of the challenge going. Therefore the children had to adjust their instructions quickly to ensure participants have a clear understanding of what to do.

They were encouraged to test out each others courses, then give feedback. They found adding detail helped. Far better to give the participants something to visualise. For example rather than “just crawl on your belly”, explain “there is barbed wire suspended above the ground, you must crawl under it for 3 metres”. It also added to the drama of the game.

Once the assault courses were all ready the children ran them back to back up and down the field.


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