Bonfire Night

This week at nursery, the children have been excited to talk about their experiences of bonfire night.  We talked about fireworks and created our own firework pictures using marbles dipped in paint to roll across our pictures.  We made a pretend bonfire outside and ate marshmallows that we pretended to toast.  The children talked about melting and setting when we made chocolate apples.  The children also learnt about the jobs that the fire service do and they learnt how to make a 999 call in an emergency.  At story time, we read ‘ Katie and the Starry Night’ a story about a girl who visits an art gallery to view some Van Gough paintings.  We looked at the Starry Night and the children used this as a stimulus for their own night time paintings.  The children also enjoyed making up their own dance to Handel’s ‘The Firework Suite’ using ribbons and scarves as fireworks.  In mathematics we used drums as fireworks counting the bangs that we made.


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