Happy World Music Day!

Today, the 21st of June, is World Music Day. On this day, lots of events are held to celebrate in countries around the globe and it is an opportunity for people to experience lots of different genres of music. Musicians perform free concerts for people to enjoy and people take part in workshops where they can make music, either learning a new instrument or helping them to develop their existing music skills. In order to celebrate at Harlow Green, Rob Kitchen, lead of Gateshead Music Hub and talented musician, visited school today to work with classes from Reception up to Year Six. Children had fun playing a range of games linked to music such as the Cup Song and Dance Move Detectives and enjoyed singing songs linked to their topics, for example singing about ladybirds and other minibeasts in Reception. A big thank-you to Rob for all of his hard work today – we hope to see him again in school soon!

Article 29: We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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