Year Two Rock Out!

Today, Year Two have been rocking out for the day to celebrate the launch of Times Tables Rock Stars. This is an app that helps children to learn their times tables in an engaging way. The children all came into school dressed as rock stars for the occasion and we were very impressed with their fantastic outfits!

First, the children found out about the TT Rock Stars app and met some of the different characters. They also learnt about the different areas within the app such as ‘Jamming’ where they can practise times tables facts at their own pace and ‘Garage’ where they answer questions against the clock in order to earn coins. The children also learnt some songs to help them with their times tables. They sang and danced along to the tunes and enjoyed showing off their best rock star moves.

Now it was time to log in and get started. First, the children had to choose their own rock star name. They were shown their avatar and how they can change its appearance in the shop section of the app. The boys and girls also found out where they can access ‘Rock Battles’ that have been set up by their teachers and were very excited to learn that 2a and 2b will be taking part in a battle over half term! The children were also given the opportunity to practise their times tables in ‘Garage’ and start earning coins. The children had a fantastic time being rock stars for the day and are very excited to develop their times table knowledge.

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