On Wednesday, Year 5 had a very interesting visit from Wonder Dome. 

During this half term, the children have been fully engaged in their space unit in Science. The children started the topic by looking at the planets within our solar system and identified interesting facts about each planet, including what the length of a day would be on each planet and the size of each planet. Then, we learnt about why we have day and night, what causes seasons and also why we have different time zones to other countries.

To mark the end of our Science unit, the children went into the planetarium and learnt about NASA’s Artemis campaign, which hopes to put humans back on the moon for scientific discovery, as well as learning about how to live and work on other planets ready for future missions to Mars. The children got to hear stories from the astronauts participating in the Artemis campaign, as well as watching what it would be like for them to actually land on the moon and complete their work.

The children had lots of questions for Ben to answer, and were amazed that their questions could be answered using visuals projected inside of the planetarium, such as seeing the size of the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune in comparison to planet Earth.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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