Accessible PE for all!

In Year 4 we have been exploring the way games can be adapted to cater for children with different needs.

We played a game of seated volleyball with a lower net and soft ball, along with a few more players on our teams.  We also explored some blind football work, using blindfolds and balls with bells in.  We had to be extra quiet and concentrate on the sounds and touch because these senses became more important!  Finally, we led our partners round a small obstacle course, giving instructions to the blindfolded partner on how they needed to move, travel and be careful of hazards.  We had to work hard to change the language we used and directions given and also ensure we used names so they knew we were talking to them.

It is always fascinating and the children came up with some great ideas on how their own games could be adapted and how much impairing or losing some senses or movement can affect how they then have to act, behave and respond.

During the year, all the children play boccia which is an adapted sport for all abilities, as a version of sit down bowls.

Article 29: We have the right to develop our talents, personalities and abilities.

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