What is life like in rural Uganda?

This term in Geography, Year Two have been learning about rural Uganda. They have compared their life in Harlow Green to a child’s life in rural Uganda.

First, the children found out what rural and urban mean. They identified that a rural place is in the countryside and does not have many people living there, whereas an urban place is more densely populated such as a town or a city. The children then sorted images of different rural and urban locations within the UK and Uganda. They identified that Harlow Green is an urban area, with lots of people living there.

Next, the children used world maps to locate the UK and Uganda. The boys and girls learnt that Uganda is in a continent called Africa. They also found out that although around the same percentage of land is used for farming in both countries, a larger percentage of people in Uganda live in rural communities.

The children then found out more about life in rural Uganda by watching a video about the daily life of a child around their age. They discovered that homes in rural Uganda are very different to homes in Harlow Green and they sorted some of their differences into a table. The children then compared their daily lives with those of some children living in rural Uganda. They thought about their favourite foods, lessons and the activities that they do before and after school.  The children discovered that although their lives are very different in many ways, they do also have some similarities, such as the fact that they attend school each day and enjoy similar games such as football.

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