Real Life Rock Stars!

Every Tuesday, the children in Year 4 are lucky enough to have Ukulele lessons with Mr Langford.

The children have been working on chords and composition as well as learning all about the history of music. They have focused on many genres of music such as pop, folk and blues, but the crowd favourite was rock week.

The children learnt about the instruments used in rock music, how rock songs are put together and also how to play simple rock songs on the Ukulele. Because the children showed such enthusiasm for this genre of music, Mr Langford brought in his electric bass guitar along with an amplifier and pedals. He showed the children the different parts of the instrument and played some songs. The children then got the opportunity to play the bass guitar.

Everyone was shocked at how heavy it was and how hard it was to play. The children loved taking part and there are definitely some keen rock artists in the making.

Article 29: We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.



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