Fantastic Fencing!

Across Spring Term, the children have been enjoying fencing taught in the PE lessons.

To start the unit, the children were introduced to the basics of fencing. They started by learning the ‘salute’ and ‘on guard’ positions, as well as the rules for moving and the importance of defending within fencing.

After learning the basics, the children were then introduced to the foil and have enjoyed using this in matches within their teams. Before the beginning of each match, the children perform the salute and then correctly move forwards (towards their opponent) or backwards (away from their opponent), whilst defending themselves against a ‘touch’, A ‘touch’ is made when the foil is placed in the centre of the children’s bibs until noticed by the referee.

The children have also been experimenting with taking on the role of referees in their matches. The referees for each match had keep a close eye on which opponent made the first touch and had the difficult decision of deciding which foil was most curved if both opponents scored a touch at the same time.

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