Spring has Sprung

Nursery have been learning about the season of Spring this week.

We started our week reading and the story “that’s my flower” which focused on a squirrel finding a flower in the woods. It was the only flower that had grown so far and he wanted it to be his. It talked us through how flowers begin to grown in Spring, due to the changes in weather, and what they need to grow successfully.

We then spent time planting our own seeds in Nursery – sunflower seeds! We watched a video about growing a sunflower. We learnt that for seeds to grow they need sunlight, soil, water and air. We gathered the materials we needed and carefully followed the instructions. We are very excited to see if our sunflower seeds will grow over the next few weeks.

Article 13 – We all have the right to share what we learn, think and feel with others.
Article 31 – We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities.

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