Magnificent Measuring

In Maths, Year Two have been learning all about measurement. They have learned how to measure the length and height of an object as well as the mass.

To begin, the children used a ruler to measure the length of different objects and lines. To ensure their measurement was accurate, they had to line the edge of the ruler up with the edge of the object. Next the children measured objects using metres. They learned that there are 100cm in one metre. Therefore, metres are used to measure the height and length of larger objects. For their activity, the children had to find things on the playground that were shorter and longer than one metre. They enjoyed using the metre sticks to ensure their results were accurate.

Next, the children compared different measures to say which was taller, shorter or longer than the other. At first, this was quite straightforward. However, when the units of measure were not the same (e.g. when comparing cm and m), the children had to think carefully about which was the greatest and which was the shortest.

After that, the children moved on to measuring the mass of an object. They learned that this means how heavy or light something is. To begin, the children measured mass using grams. They then learned that there are 1000g in one kilogram. Therefore, kilograms are used to weigh much heavier objects. The children had to read a range of scales to identify the mass of each object. However, the scale didn’t stay the same. Sometimes, all the numbers were shown but, on some occassions, the scale pointed to a number the children couldn’t see. The children used their knowledge of midpoints to identify the missing numbers.

Finally, the children measured the mass of different objects in the classroom using the balance scales. To begin, they predicted whether the object would be weighed in grams or kilograms. As the children had felt the weight of a kilogram, they decided that they would measure all of the objects in grams. They had a choice of 20g, 10g, 5g and 1g weights. They had to choose the correct amount to make the scales balance before adding them together to find the overall mass.

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