Changing state

In science this term, year 4 are learning all about solids, liquids and gases. They have identified different materials in each of these states, and described the differences in their properties. After learning that all materials are made of particles, the children then took on the roles of particles in solids, liquids and gases to demonstrate how their different arrangement affects the way that they behave. As solid particles, they huddled close together and held onto each other tightly. As liquid particles, they spread out and moved together whilst holding hands. As gas particles, they let go of each other and moved freely around the classroom. They then learned that water can exist in all three states as ice, liquid water and water vapour, and can change its state through the processes of melting, freezing, evaporation and condensation. The highlight of this was being able to observe the melting of an ice cube in their hands and then their mouths!

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